Build your next SaaS product in Go

A step-by-step guide on building a full SaaS web application backend API in Go

Build a SaaS app in Go

Learn how to build an API-first SaaS web application in Go. From initial development to deployment, I teach you how to create a fast and well-tested backend for your next software as a service products or web applications.

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Why Go in the first place?


Go come with tools that will delight your day-to-day tasks. Things like code formatting, documentation, and tests are all baked in the core.


Use concurrent code when it makes sense. Use all the CPU cores for your app and build high performance web applications.

Binary deployment

Go compiles to one single binary with all dependencies. The memory footprint on your server will be a fraction of Node, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.

About me

Dominic St-Pierre

Dominic St-Pierre
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Building SaaS since 2008

I've built two SaaS LeadFuze and Roadmap as CTO in the last 3 years using these techniques and same stack.

You'll have a fully functional SaaS web application framework at the end of this course that you can apply to multiple products.

Table of content

The following chapters are ready in the pre-order PDF: 1-4, 6-9. The book is 126 pages at this moment.

Learn the basicsAdvanced SaaS topics
1. Let's Go: Create a simple web application to get started with Go.7. API throttling, limits: Make sure to prevent abusive usage of your API.
2. A ~100 lines web engine: We craft ourselves a tiny foundation with no dependencies.8. Billing and subscriptions: We use Stripe to build a full real-world billing system.
3. Tests are important: Balance speed of development and importance of tests.9. Emails & background tasks: Go routines in all their glory, no need for external processes.
4. The data package: MongoDB or PostgreSQL, we're doing both so you pick yours favorite.10. Capture and replay: Log failed requests and run them against your dev environment.
5. API-first my friend: Your users want an API, give them on day 1.11. Webhooks: You'll have important events occurring, let your users react.
6. Authorization middleware: How users are created and how they can authenticate & authorize requests.12. Automated deployment: We build our own CI in Bash and Go (for real).

Go is easy to get started.

Are you worried to jump into Go because you've not tried it yet? Are you currently a PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, [insert your language here] developer and would want to know more about Go?

I can assure you that Go will feel comfortable in no time. After one week you should already see great productivity.

Sample code

This is a sample of the main API code. Our engine is tiny and is more than capable of supporting the needs of a complex JSON web API.

Hopefully you're intrigued and want to jump right away. Pre-order is happening if you want to start reading the chapters that are ready.